How Does Spot Welding Work

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Is automation important to you? It must be because we live in a world that is more digital and mechanized than ever. Mechanics require a fusion of materials, and this is where welding comes in handy.

Spot welding (also known as resistance spot welding) is a genius invention; the most commonly used traditional welding method of joining metals together.

And no, you do not require extra knowledge of physics to understand its principles. Although some of that extra knowledge might not hurt, we have made it plain easy for you nevertheless. Want to know how spot welding works? Read this article now!

What Is Spot Welding or Resistance Spot Welding

Spot welding is a type of fusion that welds sheet metal products by using electric resistance and pressure in the process. A machine called a spot welder is used to complete the action of spot welding.

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The copper alloy electrodes in the machine are the primary components that concentrate current into a small spot weld.

Where Is Spot Welding Used

As you may have already guessed, spot welding is used in automated bodies and machinery. But even other than those arenas, this welding method has variety of applications in a number of industries, including rail, white goods, metal furniture, electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace, construction.

Spot welding is not just bound to the fusion of metal sheets but is also used to fuse welded wire mesh. Also, spot welding is used for sheet metals, aluminum alloys, and even nickel straps that are used to join battery terminals.

It is used in the manufacturing and aeronautic industry, especially in the development of more technically advanced products. Batteries, metallic furniture, robots, etc., are examples of such advanced products.

Another arena of application for spot welding is the medical industry. It is used for resizing metallic molar bands in orthodontics.

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What Materials Are Effective for Spot Welding

It is common knowledge that metals are useful for spot welding. But even within the metal family, there are some metals that are extra suitable for accomplishing your work.


Steel, especially the low carbon steel, is the most suitable because of its low thermal conductivity and high electrical resistance.


Certain alloys of stainless steel, nickel, titanium, etc., are suitable if used in specific conditions.

Thin Metals

All in all, thick metals are not suitable for spot welding. Also, the metals to be joined are preferred to have a similar sheet thickness.

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How Does Spot Welding Work

Spot welding works through continuous conductive heating and resistance welding action. Welders consist of parts like power supply, welding electrodes, tools to hold the electrodes, capacitors, banks, and switches.

The two electrodes made of copper alloy and using shaped alloy copper electrode which convey an electrical current through the weld pieces. Copper has high thermal conductivity and low electrical resistance.

Thus, the weld current easily flows through the electrodes and focuses concentrated heat only on the metal. This heat causes the metals to melt and change their structures, ultimately fusing together.

The electrodes continue to apply electric pressure until the two metals are completely joined, securing the process.

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Why Should You Choose Spot Welding

Spot welding is one of the oldest welding processes and it is not the only method popular to serve the same purpose of product fusion and development.

So why should you choose this welding method? Well, here are some advantages of spot welding that will intrigue you to try out the process.

Authentic Results

Spot welding creates long-lasting welds that have a permanent effect on the attachment of metal sheets and other components.

Time Efficient

One of the greatest merits of spot welding is its ability to produce a large number of welds within a very short time.

Energy Efficient

Since this welding process does not require any additional metal welding material, it is energy efficient.


In this welding process, too much heat is not applied to the other areas of the metal because of the high generation of energy.

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 Spot Welding vs. Projection Welding – A Comparison

Since we’re giving a complete overview of spot welding, we thought it might be interesting for you as a consumer to observe a case of comparison related to this welding process.

Projection welding is typically a modification of spot welding. However, these two are often compared.

  • Features

Spot welding causes metal sheets to fuse together. Projection does the same job, but it is able to weld comparatively thicker materials.

  • Benefits

Spot welding is more affordable, time-saving, efficient, and easy to process in comparison. On the other hand, projection welding offers high-quality weld heat balance and has the ability to fuse thicker metals than the former.

Here’s to Learning

So, that was all you needed to learn about resistance spot welding. I hope this article helped to answer all your queries and taught you how spot welding works.

Through this discussion, we have covered all the basic areas related to the subject and have even added a comparison.

The designation was done in such a manner that it would allow you as a reader to get a thorough comprehension of the attributes of spot welding. Here’s to more learning and more gaining every day.

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