What Advantages does an Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet provide

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Can I be honest with you? I find it disturbing when I see welders still risking their health despite the new technology in town.

Welding is always accompanied by ultraviolet light, infrared light, and heat. Just imagine the hazard they would cause you when they get directly to your face. I want to believe that as a welder, you are already familiar with headgears. Fair enough, but a good darkening welding helmet is the real deal now.

The difference between auto darkening welding helmets and passive helmets

Before we go any further in this, I want you to understand that the standard welding helmets are specially designed to improve the industry’s welding requirements.

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Unlike the headgears you are used to, the automatic blackening lenses welding helmet comprises elements that work together to give auto darkening effects.

Auto darkening welding helmet vs. Passive

The comparison is a no brainer. In the auto darkening lenses Welding helmets, specific components are the ones responsible for the auto darkening filters.

Want to see how that works? I won’t leave you disappointed with that. These components are absent in the passive helmets.  Let’s find out what these components are.

The UV/IR filter

The UV/IR filter has the sole function to get rid of ultraviolet rays and infra rays with the many metallic layers it constitutes.

I want you to know that these components perform this function by absorbing and reflecting the radiation. This explains it all, right? The reason auto darkening helmets are safer to use.

Polarization filter

Basically, the polarization filter is responsible for the helmet’s darkened effect. But note, it works hand in hand with the other elements to get this done.

Liquid crystal cells

The key here is that this component turns the light. It is that simple. It is constructed from a liquid crystal screen, and also has different kinds of power sources, such as solar energy, battery or a mix of solar power and battery.

And that’s just it; these components are what makes up the high tech helmets we are talking about here. What could be more important than these safety features present in a headgear when welding?

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The benefits of auto darkening welding helmets

The auto blackening welding helmet is more expensive than their passive counterparts. Yet, I would recommend that you still go for it. The good news is that the benefits of auto darkening helmets come to light. Suitable for welders, right?


To begin with, auto blackening welding helmets do provide extra protection against ultraviolet light, heat, and infrared light that is emitted during weld operations.

See the difference! A good blackening welding helmet hardly comes up with arc flashes. This is enough reason to consider it. Harmful lights are no joke when it comes to human eyes.

You would agree with me on that. As long as you have it on when welding, you are safe from burns and from arc eyes.

The bottom line is that you would be safeguarding your eyes from retina burns and arc eyes via the use of a custom auto blackening welding helmet.

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Ideal for tight spots

Then again, using blackening welding helmet for operations in a fixed spot is much easier than with its counterpart. Why? There is a need to continually raise passive helmets in order to have a clear view of the work.

Now imagine having to raise a helmet from time to time in a confined viewing area. What stress? This is not so when you make use of the auto darkening helmets. No matter how tightly fixed you are in any location, you are sure to go with your work.

 No stress, No pains

Believe me when I tell you that you do not need to worry about neck pains. Surprised? Well, I wouldn’t blame you for being a surprise since neck pain has become a common thing when welding.

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What if I tell you that those neck & head discomforts are due to those passive helmets you use?

Not to mention the countless number of times you have to raise it to get a good view and then return it to a correct position. Think about it. It is enough to cause great discomfort when you are done working.

Improve work quality

Here’s the best part of the deal. A standard safety darkening welding helmet would enhance your work performance. Let me explain. While using the helmet, your focus is entirely centered on the work.

You do not have to keep repositioning the torch, raising the helmet, and all of that. You would be very organized and settled. This, in turn, would turn out to be a great job.

I can tell that you are beginning to consider the auto darkening helmet. Who am I to blame you for that? Who wouldn’t want something less stressful and effective for his work?

Personally, I know what it is like having to work in a stressful condition. And to top it off, the work wasn’t as productive as the effort put into it. Can you really afford to make this mistake?

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Saves time

Now, let’s look at it from this angle. Auto darkening welding helmet vs. Passive- Which is best? I know that by now, you can correctly answer this. However, let me do the needful.

Think of the number of times you would have to put on and put off a passive helmet as you are working. That alone is time-consuming.

What about a stable helmet that would only require you to activate the lens by striking the arc sensors when you need it? Isn’t that much better option than having to go through stress just to get a clear view.

SENSITIVITY Control and customization

With the passive helmet, the rate at which you can control it is limited. Meanwhile, it is not so with the auto blackening welding helmets. In fact, you have full control of the torch as you work.

You can adjust the shade range and  there are fixed shade or variable shade options. A fixed shade helmet will darken to one pre-set shade. You can as well adjust the lens delay to suit your time.

Why should you then go through all that stress with a passive helmet when you would even obtain a better result with a custom darkening helmet. Reduced amperage MIG or TIG welding is ideal performed with reduced shade levels to ensure appropriate presence of the welding arc puddle.

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Do not forget that the rate of shades changing is also a major factor that differentiates between these two. It is no longer news that passive helmets are always in need of replacements for their shades.

Although the shades replacement is not so expensive and you can fix it all by yourself. Nevertheless, you would be saving yourself the time and money that is used up for shades changing in passive helmets when you go for auto blackening welding helmets.

Battery meters

What about battery meters? Let’s talk about that too. Be rest assured that you can never be caught off guard in regards to battery replacement when working with a standard auto darkening helmet.

It usually comes with a battery meter that would give signals when the battery is going down. Usually, this signal comes two days before. This requires you to make use of the user’s replacement batteries. There are no two ways about it otherwise.

Automatic switch

Of course, we are making progress, and I hope you are taking note of every detail. Another great advantage you get from using the auto blackening welding helmet is its automatic start-up and off ability. Once the welding helmet detects a source of light, it automatically turns on.

The same applies when the light source is no longer detected. With that, you do not have to bother about turning it on or switching it off.  Sometimes, you just need to adjust the delay time as earlier mentioned in order to meet up with your time schedule. A shorter delay time can be helpful when you’re tack welding.

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Easy to wear

Let me tell you something. The auto darkening welding helmet is user friendly, so you don’t have to be afraid over an abrupt switch from the passive helmets. It can be easily worn at anytime of the day.

It’s just a simple trick to test any auto darkening lenses welding helmets. All you need do is to look up at the sun outside. Your lenses Should darken when you do so; otherwise, there is something wrong with that helmet, and you need to act fast.


In essence, a standard auto darkening welding helmet has lots of benefits to offer you. Just go for it, and you will have a good story to tell.

But, after you have done that, you should try as much as you can to care for it. When you give an excellent auto darkening helmet proper care, it will last longer in serving its purpose. You do want that, don’t you?

Auto darkening welding helmets are of different varieties. Even as their manufacturers differ, so do their controls setting differs. Therefore, if you want to fully partake of the advantages that follows auto darkening welding helmets, follow instructions.