How to Change the Battery in Hobart Endeavor Welding Helmet – Here’s to find out

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Do you know what the best part of the solar charging helmet is? Well! You don’t have to put them off to adjust the lenses or to inspect your work. This makes the auto-darkening welding helmets an excellent safety tools during welding work.

However, there’s an issue with some welding helmets like the Hobart welding helmet. It’s battery-powered auto darkening lens technology and one needs to replace its battery.

This is one big con of welding helmets, but the fact is you can replace these batteries by following a few steps to make your welding experience.

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Here, we’re going to discuss about how to change battery in welding helmet or battery replacement. But, let’s first have answers to some critical questions.

Why Do You Need a Hobart Welding Helmet?Why Do You Need a Welding Helmet

There are several different types of welding helmets available in the market. Hobart Endeavour are among the best welding helmets famous for their immense welder comfort and safety. There are some valid reasons why one needs them.

Firstly, Hobart welding helmet provides complete eye and face protection to the welder. It comes with a Hobart welding helmet headgear that is adjustable as per the welder wish. The headgear offers excellent comfort and ease in welding.

It’s light in weight compared to other welding helmets; that’s why Hobart welding helmet is customers’ first choice. Moreover, Hobart makes the welder much stress free during weld as he doesn’t have to bear the pain and burden of a heavy helmet and can weld smoothly.

This headgear is auto-darkening, which possesses a control features as well. Besides having multi-adjustable headgears, the Hobart auto-darkening welding helmet parts comprises of four independent arc sensors, CR2450 lithium batteries, and a Hobart welding helmet replacement lens.

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Hobart auto darkening welding  helmet works by CR2450 lithium batteries, but sadly, it doesn’t come with a pack of batteries. The helmet has an indicator that informs the user about a low battery. It also can be used for TIG (gas tungsten arc), MIG (gas metal arc) as well as Stick welding.

When to Replace the Helmet Battery?

Before getting started to replace the battery, it’s essential to know whether all welding helmets require a battery? Most of the users have a common misconception that the solar charging helmets don’t use batteries.

This is the wrong scenario. They do have lithium batteries that act as a secondary source of energy. When its time to replace the helmet batteries, then you must look for some signs. The first sign is an alert.

Most of the auto darkening welding helmets like the Hobart Endeavour helmets come with an indicator that signals when there is battery drainage. Thus, when you receive an alert, immediately take out  the lens and batteries to avoid any hurdle in work.

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However, you must also check the welding helmet light intensity before replacing the batteries. If the Hobart welding helmet battery is weak, it won’t adjust with the light means it goes in the black mode.

The auto-darkening feature won’t work at all. When such a thing happens, assume that there is a need to replace the battery.

Steps to Change the Battery in Hobart Endeavor Welding Helmet?Steps to Change the Battery

Battery replacement or replacing batteries is an easy task unless you aren’t familiar with the process. Complete knowledge and practice are mandatory to shift the battery and make sure your task hassle-free.

Well! If you have any other welding helmet, the replacement steps are slightly different from the Hobart Endeavour welding helmet. Experts have divided and subdivided the replacement steps of the batteries.

The following mentioned below are some easy, manageable, and necessary steps to change the battery in your welding helmet:

  • Look for the signs that ensure that the batteries needs replacement.
  • Ensure you’ve all the essential pieces of equipment & tools  for battery replacement like you need; pack of batteries, cell holders, screwdriver, and glue.
  • Locate the new batteries then put the helmet on the table and cutting off the unnecessary plastic.
  • Change the batteries.
  • Test the welding helmet for battery and see the user manual.

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The Hobart welding helmet battery replacement comprises of the following steps:

  • To change or replacement the Hobart batteries, firstly, remove the auto-darkening lens. When you remove the lens so, the battery tray will be visible to you.
  • Open up the battery tray and take out the old batteries.
  • Replacement the old batteries with two CR2450 lithium batteries. You need to takes time when you’re inserting the CR2450 lithium batteries, make sure that the battery’s positive side is put inside the helmet.
  • Now test the power of the batteries. Push the reset button. If the lens doesn’t flash dark twice, it means you’ve installed the battery in the wrong direction.
  • Remember, both the battery trays are not interchangeable. Reinstall the CR2450 lithium batteries & lens again and test if  the battery works effectively or not.

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The Bottom Line

Welding helmets are of significant importance, and replacing their batteries is a part of their maintenance work. The Hobart Endeavour welding helmet is a complete package to the welders.

It has all those features that a welder looks for in a helmet. Replacing Hobart batteries can be a challenging and time consuming task if you don’t know how to do it.

Remember, the steps to replace batteries in a Hobart Endeavour welding helmet differs from other helmets. Follow the steps as mentioned above and see how your welding helmet gets a new form.