How Do Solar Powered Welding Helmets Work

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A welder is no less than a hero who fixes all the piping for us. All the knights like you deserve a special helmet. Welding is not an easy job. For a tough job like yours, a welding helmet shouldn’t be ordinary. There are reasons why smart welders choose solar powered auto darkening welding helmets.

They get power from both solar energy and battery. Read on to know how do solar powered welding helmets work. They can protect both your face and eyes from hazardous radiation.

 As a welder, you can get the clear view of welding arc while its lens filter is protecting your eyes. Flames, fumes and debris also wreck havoc on your health. But don’t worry. They can get you covered here too.

What is a solar powered welding helmet

As the name suggests, solar powered welding helmets are charged from UV rays or direct sunlight for auto-darkening the hood or mask. It then protects your eyes from welding arc. The arc generates the UV light which is used to charge the solar panel on its hood.

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How do solar welding helmet works

Basically, solar powered welding helmets have photovoltaic cells on the top to transform sunlight into power to charge the battery. It is believed that batteries are additional power source to these helmets.

On the contrary, they are charged by sunlight to power the helmet. They simply need to be exposed to the sun to store energy and use the same.

It doesn’t mean you have to go out to work under the sun. They also use the welding arc which produces UV rays that serve as their source for solar power.

If you ask what the purpose of doing that is, bear in mind that solar cells handle all the heavy lifting while you preserve the battery.

How to charge a solar welding helmet

A helmet needs power source to darken automatically when in use. Hence, manufacturers add solar power, batteries or both as power sources and make the power last longer.

This type of welding helmet charges up in sunlight. The batteries store energy that can be used over time after charging. Even if you are not in the sun, the helmet can works even longer.

It is a myth that this type of helmet works only in direct sunlight. Of course they are charged in the sun, they can work in any weather and even under your roof after charging.

You just have to keep it under the sun or work under the sun while using it for charging. You don’t have to wait to get it fully charged.

How do Solar-Powered Welding Helmets Reduce a Welder’s Carbon

Pro solar auto darkening helmet has a unique dark tinted viewing lens which automatically gets darker while welding. It protects your eyes from the bright welding arc. But they have other benefits too. They can help reduce a welder’s carbon footprint. Here’s how –

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Clean and Green Energy

The Pro Solar welding helmet uses clean and renewable solar energy. So, it never gets discharged and you can keep welding as long as you want.

The UV light is produced while welding and it is used to charge the batteries. So, you are actually using clean solar energy. Hence, it has nothing to do with old batteries that go into landfill.

A solar-powered helmet will have less carbon footprint thanks to quality rechargeable batteries as there is no need to replace the batteries.

Automatic Turn on/off

Usually, solar powered welding helmets are the best option as they have a lot of automatic features. It has auto power off in case you forget to turn it off.

So, it won’t waste the power and avoid battery drainage. It also turns on the same way when an arc is detected and it protects your eyes in case you forget to turn it on.


This helmet has fewer controls. It means you don’t even have to use booklet to learn how to use it. Just unbox and start using it. In addition, it is also lighter than other battery-powered helmets. So, you don’t have to do heavy lifting on your head while welding.

The only con is that these helmets are worth a bit extra for the above extra benefits. But these are all worth it. In fact, it is a good investment for your eyes and face.

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Why use Solar Powered Welding Helmets

Solar-powered helmets are the first choice for most of the welders thanks to their battery life. One of the main advantages of this welding helmets is that they can be charged while being used.

It makes them very user-friendly and highly functional. They are very light as there are no extra controls to use. When it comes to choose a welding helmet, weight is the main consideration.

Especially if you are working in the sun, welding is not an easy job. A heavy helmet does nothing unless making you warmer inside. On the other side, solar powered helmets come with endless battery life and are the practical choice for welding.

Once helmets are charged, they can work both inside and out. The batteries are also interchangeable. Some welders also use AAA batteries to switch while using without having to slow down. So, you can keep working without having to worry about charging.

Even better, these helmets also use the energy and power that the rays of welding arc release while working. It will recharge itself automatically while using the helmet. So, these helmets last longer as they are self-sustaining.

Solar vs. Battery Powered Welding Helmets

I personally suggest solar powered welding helmet. It is a bit obvious that these helmets are auto darkening and they don’t need any external power source to work.

On the other side, battery powered helmets are bulky and they need external power source to charge, battery powered  helmets use lithium batteries.

The battery-powered helmet employs a rechargeable or replaceable battery that’s often made from Lithium. Manufacturers either use solar power or batteries to charge up their helmets.

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A welder can choose whether he wants to go with solar or battery powered. Both helmets have their pros and cons. It is also up to your welding projects to choose the best suited one.

Some welding helmets are also battery and solar powered for heavy usage. They are known to be very advanced and they last longer than above varieties.

You will rest assured with better security when it comes to protection with all types of welding helmets. Auto darkening filter works with all types of power sources.

Do you really need a Solar Powered Helmet for welding works

A Solar powered welding helmet gives protection from fumes, flames, and debris that can harm your face and eyes while welding process. In case you get debris, they can deeply affect your eyesight because the flames emit the harsh lights.

The health problems these elements cause is second issue. So, it is very important to use a solar powered welding helmet before working with metal.

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The auto darkening lens has a filter to block the infrared and UV rays and protect your eyes. Solar powered helmets provide the best safety as per the same functional and structural standards. These helmets have photovoltaic cells for auto-darkening.

Final Thoughts

No matter what, you should use a helmet to protect your skin and eyes while welding. Before buying one, consider your project and usage.

Size, weight, and charging capabilities are some of the important considerations while choosing a welding helmet.  These tools can save power and can last longer.

Solar powered welding helmets are the first choice for most welders as they can be charged while welding and their batteries last longer. Learn if they work nicely for the welding processes that you need them, and if so, order them start using them.

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