Customized Welding Helmet

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Welding helmets are of more use than ever before. They help in fulfilling welders’ needs and also offer custom welding helmet designs. However, the thing which matters a lot is they should meet the safety standards. Today custom welding helmets designs are available in various colors and designs.

Gone are the days when you only use black color welding helmet. Now auto darkening welding helmet manufacturing companies offer personification models kits and a wide lens shade range of printed graphics like tattoo patterns, flags, skulls, and even comic book superheroes.

So, according to you, what are the most essential factors to look at custom welding helmet designs? Will it be control, quality, safety, or style? Or will you design your own welding helmet?

Others general selection considerations might help you choose the best custom welding helmet design for your use.

To make your work a bit easy & comfort, we’ve prepared a guide that will assist you in designing a welding helmet. This guide includes:

  • Key factors to look in a customize welding helmet.
  • How the best cool custom welding helmets reviews help?
  • How to make a best custom welding hood?

Let’s read on.

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What Are The Key Factors to Look In a Customize Welding Helmet

The custom auto-darkening welding helmet is designed without lowering their quality and safety standards. It means that although the welding helmets are made up of quality materials, the durability of the piece of safety equipment used.

It includes a respirator half welding mask whose primary purpose is to protect the welder from the fumes and rays produced while working on particular welding metals or using protective gas, it is important to wearing welding masks.

Usually, the auto-darkening welding helmet possesses adjustable comfort headgear, but this products feature is relatively high quality in custom welding helmets. The head viewing size is standard and the same for most of the welding helmets.

The welding helmets with cool design can have an adjustable comfort headgear that fits easily into your head. This causes a reduction in the pressure points, preventing any head-related headaches, it is also compatible with grind mode.

Color and design is another factor that needs consideration when you design your own welding helmet or hood. As mentioned above, auto darkening helmet is the standard color for most of the helmet manufacturing companies.

Auto darkening welding helmets are more in use, but they absorb more heat energy during the welding process or work. Similarly, the silver helmet reflects some of the heat energy. You can add some more color options to your custom welding helmet design while you working if you wish.

How the Best Cool and Custom Welding Helmet Reviews Help

Welding work undoubtedly brings a lot of risks for the welders. Besides the risks, there are hazards too that every working place has. You’ve to choose a custom welding helmet that includes all those features that can resist and fight back against workplace hazards.

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Because then you can continue your working without any hurdle. The reviews from the cool and best custom welding helmets emphasize those features & technologies that improve their welding experiences.

The following mentioned below are three main vital ways by which the cool welding helmet design review helps you to design your own helmet.

Enhanced Clarity

When you have to select among a custom welding helmet design, check their clarity. Welding viewing area with the helmet to understand how clear the vision it will offer.

When the auto darkening welding helmet with cool design offer better clarity, there is enough space for you to wear glasses or respiratory welding mask, and with this, you don’t need to worry about any resistance in your work.

Balance and Weight

When you design your own helmet, you can increase its balance by reducing the overall product weight. Custom auto darkening welding helmet almost weightless, considering only a pound, as well as it appropriates for Arc, MIG, plasma cutting, as well as TIG applications.

Viewing Area Improvements

Auto darkening helmet has a large viewing area, you can also increase your welding viewing area with the darkening features that protect your eyes. If you’re a home welder than you can go with a smaller viewing area without worrying about eyesight protection.

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How to Make a Custom Welding Hoods

Now, as we’ve covered significant aspects of the customize welding helmet or hood. It’s now time to discuss steps to make custom welding hoods. You must know how to design your own welding hoods so you can not complain again about any of its features.

There are five easy steps you should follow to have a customize welding helmet of your own.

The steps involve the following steps:

  1. Collect your material
  2. Break your helmet or hood
  3. Clean your helmet and use primer
  4. Paint and design your helmet
  5. Let your helmet dry

Now, let’s discuss each step one by one.

Collect Your Material

Firstly, gather all the materials needed for designing welding helmet. It looks easy, but it isn’t. You must know the hazards of heating up a non-heat resistant paint.

When you expose non-heat resistant paint to extreme heat like the one produced during the welding work produces toxic fumes that are not good for individual health.

Thus, the best option is to go with heat resistant paints, i.e., non-acrylic paints. However, if you occasionally weld, so go with acrylic paints. Also, a safety tip is to weld in an open area that has proper ventilation.

Break Your Welding Helmet

This might sound weird, but you have to do it when you design your own cool welding helmet. Disassembling your auto darkening helmet is not a difficult job at all, and you can do it on your own. All you have to do is break it down and separate the useful part on one side.

Clean Your Helmet and Use Primer

This step is an important one, and you can’t ignore it. Let’s say it is the foremost step for making a custom welding hood. After you have disassembled your auto darkening  helmet, set aside all the useful components of the broken helmet.

Take a wire or a delicate brush and start cleaning all the useful part of the helmet. If you can’t find a brush or a wire, you can use sandpaper instead of it.

Upon finishing this task, take rubbing alcohol and wipe it off through the welding helmet until all the dirt and grease are removed. Using alcohol ensures that nothing can grow on the auto darkening welding helmet.

Many auto darkening welding helmet have paint bubbles on their surface. It’s because they’re not properly cleaned, so carefully clean it.

After cleaning, you should dry it with a paper towel and once again use a wire or brush to check if it is stable enough to hold primer and paint.

It is fair to skip this step if your welding helmet has a textured surface. Now, use a primer on your helmet. Primer ensures that the paint and design you apply stays for a long-lasting time. Do let it dry for eight hours before you start painting on your welding helmet.

Paint Job and Design Your Helmet

For painting, apply a clear coat of a neutral color, preferably white or grey. Let this paint job dry and afterward apply the color of your own choice.

Now comes the designing stage. This is the step that needs your creativity. As you have a chance to design your own cool welding helmet, decorate it in a way you want and remember don’t overpainting your lens.

You can add any type of hat stickers and pictures to your welding helmet design but make sure it won’t trouble you during work.

Let Your Helmet Dry

In the last step in making your customize welding helmet, set the welding helmet on a helmet stand or something similar to it. Make sure that stand doesn’t have any debris or dust around it. To remain on the safe side, set up some extra light strands to check a dust-free area.

Once you find a dust-free area, place your cool welding  helmet there and leave it for at least 12-24 hours to dry. Soon it gets dry, you can use your own customize welding helmet.

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The Bottom Line

The primary concern of welding helmet since their manufacturing is to prevent eye inflammation and burns caused by welding.

The harmful ultraviolet radiation case produced by modern welding equipment result in severe facial burns similar to a sunburn, UV rays & IR lights also acceptable for use  MIG welder and TIG welder.

If you think you can still protect yourself from the UV emit radiation and gases produced in the welding environment, you should invest in the customized welding helmets. It’ll be worth it to invest in custom welding helmet designs, and you’ll surely enjoy your job.

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