What Is Undercut Welding? Introduction To Welding Terms

Undercuts in welding are common issues every newbie encounters. It may happen because of the lack of welding knowledge. Even sometimes experienced welders can also form undercuts, let alone those newbies who just get their feet wet in welding. Welding at the wrong position, excessive current & voltage, and welding with incorrect gas are the … Read more

How Does Spot Welding Work

Is automation important to you? It must be because we live in a world that is more digital and mechanized than ever. Mechanics require a fusion of materials, and this is where welding comes in handy. Spot welding (also known as resistance spot welding) is a genius invention; the most commonly used traditional welding method … Read more

Different Types of Welding Joints

What is the task you must do if you want to join two pieces of metal together? The right answer is you weld. Not only does it helps bond different metals together, but you can also shape the metals and form what you want out of them. When it comes to forming structures, welding is … Read more

How Does Underwater Welding Work

When you think of welding, doing it underwater may not be the first image that comes to your mind. Yet, underwater welding is a vital part of many of the infrastructures and technologies that we use on a regular basis. While many of us have seen exciting underwater welding scenes in movies and video games, … Read more