10 Best Welding Gloves Reviews | Buying Guide 2021

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Safety is an utter priority when you’re a welding professional. And if you are engaged in welding quite frequently, you better abide by all the safety procedures you have.

The first thing to think about is the use of welding gloves. But there are different brands of them with multiple types. Don’t worry; we’ve brought together ten of the best welding gloves for you in this article.

While some of these welding gloves come with Kevlar stitching, others bring their aluminum foil layers. Most of them are reinforced for better protection and durability. So check each one out to make sure you got the best one.

10 Best Welding Gloves Review

Now that you’ve gotten a sneak peek about the welding gloves, let’s move directly into the different reviews. Please go through all of them for a better insight.

1. Revco Top Grain Leather – Best Gloves for Welding

Let’s start this fine list off with the best one on the list. This pair of MIG welding gloves are from Revco – Black Stallion. The brand’s been holding a pretty sweet track record, and you will soon find out why.

Before we get into the details about this product, you can observe that you get to choose from a few different sizes. So that ensures your hands won’t be left out. They even have limited edition designs at times which is pretty awesome.

Quick Summary
  • Available in five sizes
  • It has reinforced surfaces
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Grain cowhide front and split cowhide back

The gloves are made out of top grain leather material, which is a great choice for various types of work. And, it’s definitely a top pick in this list due to its features for the price. You might call this the best welding gloves too.

Durable and Comfortable

This MIG welding glove pair comes with a few unique features. Along with the soft cotton lining, you also get a leather palm. The palm is definitely made from grain cowhide. Even the back is made with cowhide split  leather.

Reinforcements All Round

If you’re worried about reinforcement patches, don’t fret because the palm, the index finger, and the thumb are all reinforced.

Kevlar Stitching

The best part about this pair of welding gloves is probably the Kevlar stitching around the entire thing. You get to witness unparalleled durability due to this option. This also helps combat sparks, heat, and slag.

  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Offers good dexterity and a high level of protection
  • Thanks to the heavy-duty construction, you can use the gloves for year
  • As you wear the gloves, you won’t feel you’re wearing something bulky
  • The soft lining might allow heat to pass through at times

2. Caiman 1878-5 Deerskin Stick Welding Glove

Another company that proudly represents the welding professionals is Caiman. They have been in the game for quite a while now, and you can rely on them to make some great products. This one is no exception.

When it comes to sizes, this is the one-size-fits-all option. That means you don’t really get a ton of options. In fact, you don’t get to choose different sizes at all. This might be a bummer to a lot of people, but most wouldn’t care.

This black and gold color combination is quite common, and you’ve probably seen others rocking this pair before. The heat shield patch is comprised of boar hide leather which is another fine material for these gloves.

Quick Summary
  • Kevlar thread-sewn
  • First-ever heavy duty padding
  • Deerskin leather on the palm
  • Enough Dexterity to pick up rods

So what makes this choice so great? The combination of a couple of different types of leather is what makes this unique. You can expect this one to perform in the harshest conditions.

Multiple Use Cases

Caiman designed this pair of welding gloves keeping overhead welding in mind. You can also use this with plasma and stick welding too.

Heavy Duty Padding

The best part about this pair is that Caiman claims this to be the first in the industry for heavy-duty padding. If you’re worried about the leather, rest assured that genuine deerskin was used for the paddings on the palms.

Well Reinforced

When it comes to reinforcements, this pair of gloves come with added paddings on the cuff, the palm, and the lean-on patch. If you’re worried about durability, the Kevlar stitching all around the gloves might sway you.

  • Long enough to provide full protection
  • Well designed for stick, overhead, and plasma welding
  • Gives extra protection against wears and tears
  • It can provide a good amount of hand dexterity
  • Durable and heavy-duty construction will keep up with you for a long time
  • The Kevlar stitching seems to loosen up in a few months

3. Miller Electric 263343 MIG/Stick Welding Gloves

Here’s another pair of MIG welding gloves on this list. Miller Electric has made quite a name for themselves over the years with their products. And if you haven’t heard about them yet, you will now!

This pair of gloves come with all the basic necessities that you will require. And the pair of gloves get the basics absolutely on-point, so you don’t have to compromise. As for the size, it’s a solid L, so it should fit your hands.

Quick Summary
  • Heat protection
  • Large welding gloves
  • Thick padding
  • Uses cowhide leather
  • All seams are stitched with flame resistant Kevlar

So, what’s so great about this pair of gloves? It does all the basic things perfectly. Although it doesn’t bring the premium features like Kevlar stitching and others, you can rely on it to get your welding project done in a jiffy.

High Quality Materials

If you’re concerned about the material used, you should be aware that both wool and leather have been used in the construction of this pair of welding gloves. You might be wondering about the leather used on this one.

Well, genuine cowhide leather has been used to give this pair of gloves a longer lifetime. You can rest assured that the gloves were well-insulated. The use of good-quality material makes this pair of gloves worth buying. This has definitely nailed the third position on our list.

Thick Padding

Protection was emphasized highly for this one. You might notice the extra thick padding that’s been used to keep your hands secure.

Longer Length for Better Coverage

Some people worry about the length of the glove, so if you’re one of them, you can rest assured that each glove comes with a length of 13 inches. So you might find that the gloves can cover your forearms too.

  • Great dexterity for the price point
  • Allows you to handle small-medium welding projects
  • Sturdy construction talks durability to the fullest
  • Provides extra protection against cuts and punctures
  • The gloves are flame resistant and come with Kevlar stitching
  • The seams might loosen up in a few months
  • Heat protection isn’t great at all, and it’s definitely no good in warmer temps!

4. NKTM Leather – Best Heat Resistant Welding Gloves

Next up is this pair of leather welding gloves from NKTM. You might not have heard about them before, but they have been making some nice low-key products. This pair of leather gloves is one of their top sellers. Let’s find out why.

If you’re interested in color choices, you should be glad to know that this one has a couple of options. You can choose from either the blue or the grey colored finishes.

These sixteen-inch-long gloves are versatile and come with a flexible design. The reinforcements of the wing thumb design offer a ton of flexibility. It makes it easier to operate and hold items.

Quick Summary
  • 16-inch-long welding gloves
  • Wear-resistant gloves
  • Heat-Resistant feature

This pair brings all the essential features at a great price point. You can rely on the flexibility and the versatility of this pair of gloves. The heat-resistant and durable build is what makes this a top pick.

Premium Leather Used

Nothing beats premium cowhide leather when it comes to these welding gloves. And NKTM knows this pretty well. With a full cow split leather, you can expect a high-quality gloves. And this one goes up to the cuff.

Wear-resistant Finish and Added Protection

If you’re worried about the gloves tearing apart in a couple of months, you should know that the wear-resistant finish should have you covered. It’s even resistant to heat and provides enough durability and safety.

The upper layer is strong enough to protect you from nicks from sharper or heavier objects. You will even get additional protection from heat. Heat insulation is a priority when it comes to this pair of gloves.

Versatile Use

You can definitely use this pair of gloves for other works, not just welding. The versatility is pretty impressive. You can’t cut them easily either, so it offers the overall package at the best price.

  • Provides extra protection from accidental cuts and wears
  • Strong stitching makes the gloves durable
  • You can work with it under extreme heat
  • Comes with a flexible design with extra reinforcements
  • The padding might come off, causing heat to pass through after a couple of months

5. WZQH Leather Forge Welding Gloves

This one is quite the looker if you ask me. WZQH is one of the most popular names around, and they certainly make a ton of top professional goodies. This pair of welding gloves are no exception.

Quick Summary
  • Double layer reinforcement
  • Longer sleeves
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Extreme heat resistant protection
  • Air-isolated aluminum foil layer

This pair of welding gloves from WZQH is one of a kind due to the finish. The color is pretty unique, and you probably wouldn’t be able to find anything close to it.

Keep yourself safe from the likes of debris, hot coal, and open flames. The gloves are pretty durable, too, which definitely deserves a bonus point.

Extreme Heat Protection

Whether you want extreme heat protection or wear resistance, this one offers it all. The outermost layer comes with a genuine cowhide build, and you can work with these in extreme temperatures like 932 degrees F.

Longer Sleeves Protect Forearms

The long sleeves that come with this pair are quite unique. So you get a bit of extra protection with this one. With the gloves, you can expect a bit of heat resistance to keep you safe with the natural cowhide leather used in the gloves.

Reinforced for Puncture Resistance

You will also get some levels of puncture and cut resistance too. This pair of welding gloves are also great for oil and water resistance. It’s the double leather stitching that does its job perfectly due to the reinforcement.

  • Superior protection for hand and forearms
  • Offers better resistance against wears and cuts
  • Can deal with up to 932 degrees of temperature
  • Highly recommended for Flux-core, MIG and Stick welding
  • Durable and sturdy construction saves it from toughest beatings
  • Unfortunately, the gloves are pretty bulky, so your hands may feel heavy

6. Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves

Here’s another good-looking pair of gloves with the unique Kevlar stitching. Lincoln Electric is a name that many professionals in the welding industry know about. The Lincoln Electric welding gloves are made from top grain leather, which means that it is resistant to heat and flame. And this product is definitely one of the best welding glove brands on the market.

This is a great product that can be used for Flux-core, MIG and Stick Welding – areas with high temperatures. You can only get this in one size, so that might sound like a bummer. But the size should fit everyone when you’re working. This black and red finish is also quite unique when you compare it to the others.

Quick Summary
  • Made from cow leather
  • 13-inch-long gloves
  • Twill cotton inner part
  • Includes Kevlar threading
  • Heat-resistant split leather

Although it’s on the bottom half of the list, you can still consider this one a great pick when it comes to welding gloves. The unique selling point would be the comfort due to the soft cotton. You even get better fingertip sensitivity.

Industrial Heat Resistance

Among the number of features that this one has to offer, heat resistance and industrial durability are notable. This high-grade leather from cowhide can save you from extreme temperatures.

Kevlar Threading

The Kevlar threading makes this pair of gloves go up against the top choices on the list. But the reinforcements are where this glove shines above the rest. You can rest assured that the gloves can protect you from welding burns, heat, sparks, and flames.

Comfort Focused Lining

Inside the pair of gloves, you get a cotton liner all around. This allows for a much more comfortable experience. So you wouldn’t feel the leather pressing on you while dealing with hot stuff.

  • Offers more than enough protection
  • Ideal choice for Flux-core, MIG and Stick welding
  • Your palms will feel comfortable as you wear it
  • Twill cotton inside will absorb moisture during use
  • Your hands won’t get sweaty even if you work under extreme heat
  • Some units might be a bit stiff around the pinky fingers

7. Drake Off Road US Forge 400 Welding Gloves

Here’s one of the most basic pairs of welding gloves that you can get. They aren’t the best on the list, but they offer a few attractive features which make them a great buy. Let’s see what this pair from US Forge 400 Welding Gloves has to offer.

Drake Off Road went with the blue tone on this pair of gloves. The leather shines through quite well with this finish too.

Quick Summary
  • Leather gloves
  • Around thirteen inches’ long
  • Lined with cotton

So, what makes this pair of gloves stand out? It’s definitely the cotton lining and the locked stitches. If you look closely, you will observe a pattern for the locked stitch, which adds strength.

Comfortable Gloves

Comfort was kept in mind when this pair of gloves were designed. And it’s essential because workers who work as welding professionals don’t usually get a ton of comfort.

Sleeve Protection

If you were wondering about the total length of the gloves, they are just around thirteen inches. So you can assume that they cover your sleeves quite well.

Locked Stitches

The pattern of locked stitches acts as a reinforcement. You can expect additional strength from the stitching to enhance the overall strength of the gloves.

  • You can cover your sleeve with these long gloves
  • Designed to protect from molten metal and UV rays
  • Sturdy built-quality makes sure you can use the gloves for years
  • A pattern of locked stitch gives additional strength to the gloves
  • They are susceptible to damage in extreme temperatures

8. Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves

Things are getting a bit hotter here towards the end of our list. This Steiner 21923-L welding gloves might be a top choice for many of you. Let’s figure out why!

When it comes to size, you get the standard 23-inch gloves if you place your order. And, as you can assume, you will get a pair of decent gloves for a fraction of the price of the more popular brands.

Quick Summary
  • Reinforced thumb strap
  • Standard sized 23-inch gloves
  • Cotton and cowhide leather used
  • Fully welted for added protection

The best part about this pair of gloves is probably the use of reinforcement on the thumb strap. You don’t get to see such a feature in most cases. The gloves are fully welted, too, which sets them apart from the others.

Shoulder Split Cowhide Leather

There are actually quite a lot of things that make this pair of gloves comparable to the others. You get shoulder split cowhide on the surface of the gloves for better heat resistance.

Fire Resistant

If you’re worried about fire, rest assured that the foam insulation on the back of the gloves is quite formidable for the price. The gloves are made of a fiber-enriched material that makes them flame resistant and strong enough to withstand the pull from Kevlar stitching.

Comfortable to Wear for Longer

Comfort is another box that this pair ticks. And, if you’re concerned with comfort, you should know that you’ll get a full cotton liner on the inner side. So you can probably guess that Steiner surely focuses on comfort.

  • Insulation on the back protects your hand from fire
  • Cowhide leather provides durability and dexterity
  • Confirms better protection against wears and tears
  • The heat protection is so perfect that you’ll barely even notice it
  • It can withstand scratches, so it can be an all-around work gloves at home.
  • Not for heavy flux-core welding and plasma cutting

9. John Tillman and Co Large Black Welders Gloves

Whether you’ve heard about them or not, John Tillman and Co do make some awesome welder-specific products. And this pair of gloves genuinely speak for themselves.

Quick Summary
  • High of dexterity
  • Heat protection
  • Elkskin leather used
  • Fifteen-inch-long gloves
  • Kevlar stitching

The thread locking stitches on this pair of welding gloves is pretty neat. You will even get the reinforced thumbs for the added protection. If you have to weld professionally and you’re on a tight budget, this could be a pretty good option.

Although the gloves don’t perform well in the hottest of temperatures, you should still be able to do the daily tasks.

Elkskin Leather Used

You can probably guess that the pair of gloves comes in large size if you’re judging by the name. These black gloves are made from elk skin leather, making this the only one on the list to be made from the material.

Great Heat Resistance

If you were worried about the heat resistance, the Elkskin leather would have you covered. So, what about comfort, though? Well, that’s another story. The cotton foam lining across the inner of the gloves makes this pair quite comfortable to wear.

Covers the Sleeves Too

These gloves are around fifteen inches long, making them long enough to keep your sleeves intact. You can even expect the durable Kevlar stitching from these gloves.

  • It provides welders with good hand dexterity.
  • Boasts a heavy-duty construction for durable feedback
  • Since they’re pretty lightweight, your hands won’t feel bulky
  • Offers you heat-resistant feature to protect your hands from getting sweaty
  • The leather doesn’t hold up well in extreme temperatures

10. RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves

It’s time for us to close this session of reviews. And, boy, do we have a product for you! This pair of welding gloves from RAPICCA will set things straight. If you’ve got a ton of money to spend on gloves, this pair should be pretty lucrative.

Although the pair that we’re reviewing here is the sixteen-inch version, you can also get a shorter fourteen-inch version of the gloves. RAPICCA leather forge welding gloves come with different features which are likely to get you interested.

Quick Summary
  • Heat resistant
  • Aluminum foil layer
  • Kevlar insulated cotton
  • Genuine Cowhide Split Leather
  • Offers superior hand protection

If that’s not enough for you to pick this one as your choice for welding gloves, we have a couple more thing you might like. The genuine cowhide leather and the insulated surfaces protect you from heat exposure well enough.

Decent Heat Resistance

Let’s start with the heat resistance. You can expect this pair of gloves to resist heat up to 932 degrees F, which is a lot when it comes to welding gloves. Welding and forging become pretty easy when you’ve got these babies on.

Versatile Use

And let’s not forget about the versatility of these gloves too. You can even use this pair of gloves as oven mitts or while you’re working near a grill. Holding those hot pots also becomes pretty easy.

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Believe it or not, welding is a dangerous profession. To ensure protection and avoid injury to the eyes, purchase an excellent helmet!

Split Cowhide Leather

You might be surprised to see the use of cowhide leather used on this pair of gloves. This is one of the toughest leather types and you can expect these gloves to combat the hotter environments better.

  • Recommended for Flux-core, MIG and Stick welding
  • They’re available in multiple color options to choose from
  • Double-layer Kevlar padding on palm, elbow, back, and fingers
  • Can provide extended protection at lower temperatures
  • Can resist heat up to 932 degrees F, so your hands won’t get sweaty
  • The stitching should be improved

Things to Consider Before Buying

Now that we’ve gotten the reviews out of the way, it’s time to look at some of the factors that you should consider before picking up your new pair of welding gloves. Before we get into the other important factors, let’s talk a little about the basics.

Heat Resistance

One of the main characteristics that welding gloves require is heat protection. Welding process can produce scorching temperatures, so it’s easy for you to forget about the safety of your hands.

 Comfortable CottoN

Another factor that you should aim for is the cotton liner. This ensures that your wearing gloves are quite comfortable since you’ll probably be wearing them for hours.

Dexterity ensures Maneuverability

Dexterity is another crucial factor that you have to keep in mind as the basics. This is heavily linked to how maneuverable the gloves are when you’re working under pressure.

Type of the Gloves

Another thing that you should be aware of is the type of gloves. There are a few of them when you’re classifying them. So it’s vital that you pick the right one. The common types include TIG, MIG, Stick welding gloves.

Although we’ll be talking about these in detail in the next section, we’ll give you a brief overview. If you want precision over protection, go for TIG welding gloves. And if you want the absolute best protection, you can try the other types.

The following sections will be discussing the other important things that you should need to know before making your purchase.

 Types of Welding Gloves

That’s not all. There are also a few types of welding gloves that you should know about. Once you’re enlightened with all this knowledge, you’ll have a better idea about which type of gloves to buy for your working purposes.

  • TIG Welding Gloves

TIG welding gloves are more common to provide more dexterity. Although they aren’t as protective from heat as the other types, they allow you to perform your work and complete your welding projects with precision.

It’s evident in some cases that you want to avoid the bulk of welding gloves. That’s where TIG welding gloves come into play. They offer a little nimbleness that allows you to do precision-driven work. With the TIG welding gloves, it is almost like working with your bare hands.

  • MIG Welding Gloves

These are the big and bulky brothers of TIG welding gloves. You can expect the best kind of durability from these as they’re quite protective. Sparks splattering can cause a lot of damage to the skin. And these gloves are good at combatting them.

  • Stick welding Gloves

If you’re interested in the highest level of protection, then the stick gloves should be the one to go for. They have higher heat tolerance capacities, and you can rest assured that these gloves will keep sparks off your hands. But the added weight and loss of dexterity of these gloves might be a bummer to you.

Advantages of Wearing Welding Gloves

I mean, we’ve been discussing welding gloves for a while now. But have you wondered why they’re actually so good? I mean, what advantages do you get when you’re wearing a pair like so? Let’s talk in detail!


This one is typically overlooked quite a lot. But the inner cotton lining that comes with almost every welding glove is a true blessing. You can get proper cushioning for your hands with these.

The cotton lining is also helpful when it comes to absorbing sweat. These gloves are designed so that you can work comfortably for hours while wearing them.


This is one of the obvious advantages of using a welding glove pair. Whether you’re welding professionally or not, you can get that added layer of protection. These gloves can dissipate heat quite well due to the leather builds.

If you choose the longer gloves, you can rest assured that even your forearms will remain secure from the heat. These gloves work great when it comes to heat dissipation.


This is another clear benefit of welding gloves. Although they were designed for professional welding projects, you can use them for other activities too. Other jobs include mechanical work, carpentry, barbecuing, and even gardening. 

What Is the Difference Between MIG and TIG Welding Gloves?

The durability and thickness are probably the main differences between these two types of gloves.

  • MIG welding Gloves

MIG or metal inert gas welding gloves are the thicker and bulkier options in the market. You can hope for these gloves to work like magic when you absolutely need the best protection.

But you have to sacrifice a bit of dexterity when you’re wearing these. Due to the bigger and thicker sizes, you will have a harder time trying to handle the smaller components. So you have to remove your gloves constantly while trying to grab something smaller.

  • TIG welding Gloves

TIG or tungsten inert gas welding gloves are at the opposite end of the spectrum. These gloves sacrifice the protection a little bit by thinning down the entire gloves. This means you get a lot more room to maneuver your hands around.

So if you’re working in an environment where you constantly need to deal with smaller components, these could be a great choice. You can easily maneuver smaller parts with this tig gloves. You might even think that they are remotely similar to working with your bare hands.

What Types of Leather are on Welding Gloves?

All welding gloves come with different types of leather. You can see cowhide leather on a few of them, while others are made from deerskin leather. So you have already gotten an idea about which leathers can be used.

  • Cowhide

One of the common leathers used for these types of welding gloves is the cowhide split leathers. These have unique capabilities, and you can expect them to be quite comfortable too.

  • Deerskin

Deerskin leather is also being seen quite frequently by many companies nowadays. They have an additional softness, and you obviously get a bit more comfort from these. And, it is perfect for TIG gloves that require dexterity.

  • Elkskin

Elkskin is used as a type of leather for welding gloves too. One of the choices on our list is made with elk skin leather. A unique characteristic of these leather gloves is that you can get a higher temperature tolerance.

  • Pigskin

Pigskin is a material that’s used in welding. That might sound weird, but it really makes sense! Pigskin is a tough hide that can handle oily and wet situations. It makes for great welding gloves, as it’s used in Stick, TIG and MIG Welding Gloves.

Are Welding Gloves Electrically Insulated?

This is a pretty common question, so we decided to feature it here. Welding gloves are bulkily built since they need to combat the heat and other forces. You can expect a lot of debris flying at your arms when you’re welding.

So it’s crucial for these gloves to be quite durable if they were built to protect your hands. That being said, welding gloves don’t conduct electricity. That’s because the gloves are basically shockproof.

How to Choose Welding Gloves?

Choosing suitable welding gloves should become pretty easy if you’ve gone through our guide properly. You can expect to select the perfect gloves for your profession if you followed the buying guide.

Some of the factors that you needed to consider were – heat resistance capability, dexterity, and comfort. You need to make sure that the gloves that you’re planning to buy are comfortable to wear.

Gloves need to be resistant to heat so that the extremely hot flames and sparks don’t harm your skin in any way. You also need to check out the different types of gloves and then consider which you want to get.

How do I Pick the Right Size of Welding Gloves?

You have to keep some of the glove features in mind if you’re looking for the right size to buy. But first, you have to measure your hand. Start around the thumb’s ‘V’; that way, you will get the circumference.

You also need to be aware of the welted seams, the seamless index finger, the Kevlar stitching, and the pre-curved fit. The usual thumb types for welding gloves include wing thumb, keystone thumb, reversible thumb, and straight thumb.

But some gloves come with the one-size-fits-all motto. So you can opt for those, too, if you’re still confused.

What Kind of Gloves Do Welders Wear?

Welders are exposed to certain elements at all times. Whether it’s the debris flying towards you or the high heated flames, you need protection. So it’s important that they use gloves that can resist heat and flames.

On top of that, they also need to ensure protection from the regular bruises and cuts too. Sparks coming out of the welding process can harm bare hands quite badly. So welders need these bulky gloves to protect their hands.

Some of the typical gloves used for welding are the TIG welding gloves made from leather, stick welding gloves which are pretty robust, and the MIG gloves that provide dexterity.

Picking the Best Welding Gloves for You

It’s finally time to part ways. But our list still narrows things down quite a little, doesn’t it? That’s why we always need to come up with the undisputed champion.

So, we’re going to pick the best out of the best welding gloves reviews. Before we declare the winner, keep in mind that you can obviously pick something else. The final decision is always up to you.

With that said, we just decided on the product that seems to offer the best value for money with the features that it offers. In our case, the crown goes to the Revco – Black Stallion GM1611 MIG Gloves. They come with the best price to performance ratio.

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