10 Best Gloves for Stick Welding

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Getting a pair of wrong gloves will be a common problem if you don’t know what makes stick welding gloves different from others. That’s why I started researching deeply to find out the best gloves for stick welding.

I did some homework on the material and the size of a pair of gloves, and finally, I’ve got the ten best choices for you. Cotton lining, Kevlar stitching, and thick layers of foam can make a pair of gloves perfect for stick welding.

WZQH Gloves


  • Breathable
  • Flame resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • High quality
John Tillman

Budget Friendly

  • Goatskin gloves
  • Twin cotton
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Perfect fitting
Lincoln Electric

Editors Pick

  • Top grain leather
  • Soft cotton liner
  • Affordable
  • Kevlar stitching

Since welders require something durable to tolerate extreme heat, it’s a must to get a pair made of high-quality leather (elk skin/goatskin /cowhide). Considering the size will be another necessary task since small-sized gloves aren’t the safest choice for stick welding, keep in mind!

10 Best Welding Gloves for Stick

Without more delays, let me show you my handpicked gloves designed particularly for stick welding. These are my ten most favorite choices for you.

1. Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves

Quick Summary
  • Top grain leather
  • Soft cotton liner
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Kevlar threading
  • Welding process: MIG/Stick
  • Ideal for plasma cutting, mig, flux core welding

If you asked me to give you a single pair of welding gloves that is comfortable, durable, and at the same time, affordable, I’d show you the Lincoln Electric welding gloves without even thinking twice!

Thanks to its heat-resisting ability, this model is manufactured with heavy-duty leather along with a combination of smooth cotton liners to protect you against extremely high temperatures. So, it might be one of the bests if the not the best heat resistant welding gloves for stick welding!

Not only for stick welding, the beast right here can give you adequate protection even if you’re using it for MIG, flux core welding, Oxyfuel cutting, and plasma cutting. In a nutshell, it is versatile!

As for durability, the outer part of these gloves is well-equipped with top-graded leather, and interestingly, the Kevlar stitching aids in preventing rips and tears. So, I can guarantee that these will keep you more than 99.99% safe from regular exposure to flames, heat, sparks, and spatter.

With a size of about 14 inches, I personally loved its straight thumb design that plays an essential role in improving both grip and comfort. For absorbing moisture, the maker has added twin cotton inside of the gloves. Considering everything, I can tell you that this pair can be your best pick to perform your regular tasks related to stick welding.

The Lincoln Electric traditional MIG/Stick welding gloves stands out from the rest due to its optimum heat-resistivity along with the high-quality leather.

2. John Tillman Stick/TIG Welding Gloves

Quick Summary
  • Heat insulation
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Welding process: Stick/TIG
  • Goatskin leather gloves

Originated in the United States, the pair of gloves from Tillman can withstand high heat, making them suitable for stick welding. As a primary material, they have got goatskin for ensuring maximum flexibility. It helps you stay in a comfortable and safe zone while welding.

Did I use the word “comfort?” Well, that’s because of their soft twin cotton you’ll find inside of the gloves. These things are also liable to absorb the moisture as much as possible. Don’t worry about fittings; they’re equipped with medium size, making it friendly with all.

In addition, the overall design with a color combination of white and brown makes them stylish to look. What about the price? You’ll be happy to know that this pair won’t cost a pretty penny! Yep, compared to the traditional welding gloves, this Tillman glove is quite reasonable even after getting most of the good qualities.

Although some users aren’t that satisfied with its thin structure, I think it won’t bring any hassle to you. Even I believe this will help you grab something more firmly and conveniently.

Believe it or not, welding is a dangerous profession. To ensure protection and avoid injury to the eyes, purchase an excellent helmet.

Thanks to the soft twin cotton, making the Tillman TIG welding gloves able to absorb moisture. The goatskin leather also makes the gloves durable and flexible.

3. WZQH 16 Inch 932F Leather Forge Welding Gloves

Quick Summary
  • Withstand 500-degree C
  • Breathable and non-allergic
  • Thick cowhide leather (1.2mm)
  • 16 inches with a 7.5″ sleeve
  • Full-hand protection
  • Easy to clean

I’d love to consider the WZQH FR-Screen-1109-16934 as one of the best welding gloves for bbq because of its capability of tolerating extreme heat. Thanks to its high-quality stitching equipped with double layers.

It can smoothly withstand no less than 500-degree C (932 F), making it suitable for many different things, such as – oven grill, stick, MIG, TIG welding, fireplace, and so forth!

The soft cotton inside of the welding gloves is breathable, non-allergic, and sweat-absorbent. Besides, the denim cuffs are quite durable as well as wear-resistant. So even if you use them for long, these won’t lose their quality too soon.

It has also earned a great value due to its thicker cowhide leather (1.2 mm). Unlike the typical ones, it is way smoother, and it gives you more durability required while welding or doing BBQ!

The size it gets is about 16 inches with a better combination of XL-sized sleeves (7.5″). These things will keep your forearms and hands protected from open flames, hot coals, grinding debris, and welding sparks.

But don’t try to keep the welding gloves hours and hours near to anything related to extremely hot metals or grill grates. That’s my advice to keep this pair of gloves more long-lasting.

What about cleaning? Don’t worry; it’s easy-peasy! First, use your own hands to wipe through a piece of damp cloth. Then, keep it far away from machine-dry and wash.

The WZQH FR-Screen-1109-16934 gets 1.2mm thick cowhide leather, enabling the welding glove to withstand a temperature of up to 500-degree C!

4. RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves

Quick Summary
  • Genuine cowhide split leather
  • 16 inches and 7.5″ long-sleeve
  • Soft cotton inner lining
  • Double layers
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Heat resistance

The user-friendly welding gloves from RAPICCA come in about 16 inches, which seems perfect to me and even ideal for most of the average welders. RAPICCA can withstand a maximum temperature of 500-degree C, allowing you to work with high heat without any risks.

So, let it be stick welding, MIG, or bbq, you can safely perform each and every task with this pair of gloves. And interestingly, they’re cut-resistant, wear-resistant, and puncture-resistant. The dual-leather stitching is what makes them quite sturdier than regular gloves.

Speaking of construction, the thing has included softer and thicker cowhide leather (1.5m), which is more durable and comfortable. And I’m pretty sure the hot coals, welding sparks, and open flames won’t harm your hands and forearms so easily; the long-sleeve design (7.5″) has got your back!

Since these leather gloves are equipped with extremely thick layers, your hands might get sweaty if you put them on for a couple of hours at a stretch. This can make you feel a little annoyed.

But I think avoiding this single issue won’t be a wrong decision, especially if you’re searching for the best welding gloves on the market at a fair price!

RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves are cut-resistant, puncture-resistant, as well as wear-resistant; the credit goes to its double leather stitching.

5. MILLER ELECTRIC MIG/Stick Welding Gloves

Quick Summary
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Top grain cowhide leather
  • Premium wool (interior parts)
  • Wing thumb design
  • Welding process: MIG/Stick
  • Kevlar stitches and leather patches

So, are you able to spend a fortune to get a pair of high-end welding gloves? If yes, I’d suggest you rely on this one from the well-known brand MILLER.

From durability to comfort, it stands out from the crowd and comes in an extra-large size. It is enough to protect your hands from open flames, welding sparks, and such things, and that too in the best possible way.

The high-quality cowhide leather makes this pair more durable and more capable of taking extremely hot temperatures. Plus, the double stitching along with thicker layers are responsible for making them way comfortable.

What’s more? The interior part is lined with premium-quality wool, for which you won’t feel any discomfort even after working for too long non-stop!

Undoubtedly, Miller gloves is so flexible, even it won’t be a hassle for you to move your fingers, especially your thumbs, while stick welding, the credit goes to the unique “wing thumb design” it comes with.

Although it’s mainly designed to take your “stick welding” job to the next level, you can use them easily for your other jobs, especially where you need to deal with high heat, for example – grilling, MIG, tig, fireplace, and so on! But my advice is to keep these gloves always away from sharp objects!

Because of the extra-large size, you’ll be able to cover up your hands thoroughly with the Stick Welding Gloves from MILLER.

6. KIM YUAN Extreme Heat/Fire Resistant Welding Gloves

Quick Summary
  • 14-inch
  • Reflective tapes
  • 2mm thick leather
  • Kevlar threading
  • Extremely heat resistant glove

KIM YUAN US016L gives you a variety of different color options, from black to yellow. But the 14-inch orange is what I liked most. The maker has included split cow leather instead of low-end materials to give you more protection against hot temperatures.

With a thickness of about 1.2mm, it’s also much more flexible and soft. After putting on this pair, you can be well-prepared to deal with a temperature of about 662-degree Fahrenheit.

And guess what? It ensures optimum performance in holding hot stuff (e.g., cookware, oven) and doing heavy-duty stick welding. It won’t be easy to break the welding glove, even if you use them for numerous tasks such as home gardening, grilling, ceramic manufacturing, etc. That’s why I am fond of its premium Kevlar thread.

The cotton lining appears to be softer, and it helps absorbing moisture. So feel free to work for hours and hours without getting sweaty hands! But you have to make sure you clean your gloves after each use.

So, when you complete your stick welding task, don’t forget to clean them using a piece of a damp cloth. If not, it might become stinky! The unique part? The manufacturer of this model has added reflective tapes on the rear to increase visibility, especially when you need to weld in low-light areas.

The split cow leather, cotton lining, and reflective tapes make the KIM YUAN US016L unique, durable, and pretty comfortable.

7. Revco 850L Flame Resistant Stick/MIG Welding Gloves

Quick Summary
  • Heat and flame resistance
  • Natural elkskin leather
  • Added thumb straps
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • High quality gloves

This classic pair of welding gloves from Revco is specially manufactured with natural elkskin leather, providing superior comfort and durability. So, it won’t be so challenging for you to perform those splattering welding tasks, which require additional skills.

They’ll offer extra protection against the fire. Plus, you’ll feel much comfortable wearing these gloves due to the soft materials they equip. So, it’s pretty clear that you can continue your tough jobs related to welding with the maximum convenience possible.

Touching hot stuff won’t be dangerous since Revco has added thumb straps additionally. These are more effective and make the gloves more capable of working with higher temperatures.

On top of that, the standard Kevlar stitching gives you extra abrasion and sparks resistance, making the gloves great for spot welding, MIG, tig, material handling, and stick welding.

When it comes to cleaning, you won’t have to get yourself anything special to get the job done. Pick up a piece of damp cloth, wipe the welding glove gently, and you’re done! See, no extra efforts will be needed at all.

Revco 850L – LARGE has added thumb straps to give you amazing protection against hot stuff. So, feel free to work with open flames, welding sparks, etc.

8. Caiman 1832-6 Stick & MIG Welding Gloves

Quick Summary
  • Extra-large size
  • Corrugated foam with perforated leather
  • Pre-curved fingers and foam fitting
  • Thicker layers
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Ideal for overhead welding

The Caiman 1832-6 focuses more on protection, and that’s why it has used perforated leather along with corrugated foam. Each of them assists in dispersing heat to provide excellent heat resistance. Measuring about 14 x 6 x 6 inches, the manufacturer has made them extra-large for extra safety!

Get this pair to cover your hands thoroughly so that open flames, welding sparks, and such dangerous things won’t touch your hands so easily. Let it be plasma cutting, stick welding, or MIG; you can do everything successfully with the Caiman gloves. The thicker layers will help you withstand extremely hot temperatures without any risks.

And the pre-curved fingers with a unique foam-fitting give you perfect comfort, fit, and protection. In order to confirm extra resistance against abrasion and sparks, the standard Kevlar stitching will come in handy! What about the price? Well, I won’t suggest you getting this one if you’re unable to spend some extras.

But if you’re able to spend, don’t miss the opportunity to have such gloves for your stick welding jobs. It’s pretty cool and overall better! Caiman 1832-6 has included pre-curved fingers and a unique foam fitting for better protection and comfort.

9. Welding Gloves from Drake Off Road

Quick Summary
  • Budget-friendly
  • 14 inches
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Good heat protection

Can’t you spend some extra dollars on a pair of welding gloves? That’s why I’ve handpicked this one from Drake Off Road that won’t hurt your wallet! Despite being cheaper, it has a lot of good things to give you. First off, the interior part of this pair is relatively comfortable because of the extra foam/cotton lining.

So, no matter you have to work for too long or you’re just a hobbyist, your hands will remain cool and sweat-free. The thumb area is supported by extra materials, delivering extra strength to let you weld smoothly. For more convenience and protection, Kevlar stitching offers spark resistance.

But keep in mind, the leather it equips isn’t much durable compared to my other choices. Also, the gloves seem a little thinner, which makes them less capable of tolerating extreme heats. However, I hope you can perform your daily stick welding tasks much safely, especially if you don’t have to deal with unbearable hot temperatures on a daily basis.

Since the Drake Off Road size is standard (around 14 inches), anyone can wear them for their regular tasks related to construction and welding. If you want to perform your stick welding tasks with the most affordable pair of gloves, pick up the Welding Gloves from Drake Off Road.

10. NKTM  Extreme Heat Resistant Welding Gloves

Quick Summary
  • Split leather palm reinforcements
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Soft texture
  • Comfort and heat protection
  • Suitable for heavy and sharp objects

NKTM welding gloves have the perfect size with a flexible design to fulfill almost every welder’s need. The unique “wing thumb design” will improve your overall performance, for which you can hold everything with ease.

Not only is it able to protect you from welding sparks or open flames, but NKTM has the ability to withstand sharp objects as well, making it ideal for both welding and gardening. The reinforced palm aids in cushioning your hands, especially when you go to work with heavy objects.

As for comfort, the cotton liner will help to absorb sweat, keeping your hands always dry even after welding for too long non-stop. But if you need to weld on a regular basis for more than 5 hours, this might not be the best pick for you.

In such cases, the stitching might come apart! Apart from that issue, the gloves are quite popular due to their soft texture, so there is less possibility of getting any discomfort.

With a size of about 16 inches, NKTM welding gloves include reinforced palm, assisting in cushioning your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Why Do You Need Gloves in Welding?

Welding gloves, also known as PPE (personal protective equipment), assist in keeping the welders hand safe from the unbearable heat, electrical shock, infrared radiation, and such dangerous things.

So, there is no doubt that having a pair of welding gloves is extremely necessary; it doesn’t matter whether you’re just a hobbyist or welding is in your blood!

To know more: Everything You Need to Know About Welding Gloves

What Kind Of Gloves Are Best for Stick Welding?

When it comes to stick welding, it becomes very important to have something durable and capable of taking unbearable heats and loads. If you mistakenly choose a model included with thin layers instead of thicker, it won’t be possible for you to work with high temperatures.

Also, stick welding might be a time-consuming job. So, you better choose those gloves which are suitable for both comfort and breathability.

 Why Do Welders Wear Leather Gloves?  

The reason behind wearing leather welding gloves is that they’re relatively more durable, comfortable, and of course, they’re far better than the other materials when it comes to high heat resistivity.

But all types of leather shouldn’t be your go-to for stick gloves. Instead, make sure to rely on the cowhide or elk skin, which can give you more heat protection.

Choosing anything from goatskin or pigskin welding gloves won’t be the wrong idea. These are also pretty much flexible and reliable types of leather for stick welding.

Is Stick Welding Better than MIG?

It depends on a couple of factors, from the overall conditions to the range of cost. Unlike the MIG (metal inert gas), stick welding needs no external gases at all, which means the operating cost is going to be pretty low. So, stick welding is definitely a good pick if you want an inexpensive way of getting into the welding job.

Besides, stick welding is one of the great welding processes for the outdoors. And the point to be noted – MIG welding might be frustrating if you’re going to try it outdoors, but why? Well, that’s because the heavy wind is liable to blow the shielding gasses away, resulting in the worst welding!

Are Welding Gloves Heat Resistant?

Of course! In fact, most of my picks have earned an excellent value for maximum heat resistance. Make sure not to go with something that has thin layers and poor-quality materials.

WZQH FR-Screen-1109-16934 is one of my favorite choices, especially for its optimal heat resistivity. It can easily take up to 500-degree C temperature without even losing its quality. Probably that’s why professional welders have used it. 

Picking the Best Stick Welding Gloves for You

I tried my best to show you each and every necessary information about stick welding gloves. Here, I have handpicked all the top-notch models, and choosing a specific one highly depends on your personal preferences.

However, if I had to choose only one, I’d easily go with the Lincoln Electric gloves, which is the best stick welding gloves, in my opinion!

Affordable, durable, comfortable, you name it; the topper right here features smooth cotton liner along with premium leather material, allowing you to weld comfortably and safely. Now, it’s up to you which one you’re going to purchase, and the ball is in your court!

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