Best Cheap Welding Helmet: Top Picks & Buying Guides

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Are you a welder who is trying to find a suitable welding helmet but the ones you find fail to meet the budget? I can understand how frustrating it can be.

Well, there is a common misconception when it comes to buying a gadget or gear that the best ones cost more. But high expense does not always guarantee the best.

ESAB Sentinel

ESAB 0700000800 Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet, Black Low-Profile Design, High Impact Resistance Nylon, Infinitely-Adjustable, Color Touch Screen Controls, 3.93" x 2.36" Viewing Lens, Hard Hat Option


  • True color display
  • Cheater lens
  • Comfortable
Antra AH7

Antra True Color Wide Shade Range 4/5-13 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet AH7-860-001X Huge Viewing 13.5 Sqi TIG MIG/MAG MMA Plasma Grinding, Solar-Lithium Dual Power, 6+1 Extra Lens Covers

Budget Friendly

  • Four sensors
  • Delay Control
  • Lightweight

YESWELDER Anti Fog Up True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with SIDE VIEW,4/9-13 Welder Mask for TIG MIG ARC

Editors Pick

  • Grind mode
  • External controls
  • Anti-Fog Design

And if you are low on budget, I can recommend you 12 best cheap welding helmets. So let’s not wait anymore and check out some of the coolest looking budget welding helmet reviews.

12 Best Welding Helmet For The Money

An ideal welding helmet needs to have some qualities and important features. The view area size, lens clarity, material, superior comfort level, etc are all important. That’s why I aim to make you aware of the 12 best budget welding helmets through this article.

1. YESWELDER True Color Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Quick Summary

  • Grind mode
  • Viewing lens size: 3.94″x3.27″
  • 1/10,000 second reaction time
  • Optical clarity rating 1/1/1/2
  • Shade range: Light state: 4 and Dark state: 9 – 13

YesWelder’s helmets have always been one of the most popular welding helmets among users. That is for both versatility and quality. You can find the best of the YesWelder helmets at an affordable price.

One of the best features about this product is that it has external controls for your shade level, sensitivity and delay settings.

The grind mode switch functions as a sweet bonus too! This budget welding helmets are great for both professional welders and hobbyists alike!

Anti-Fog Design– Breathing while wearing a helmet is not always very pleasant. Sometimes the fogs gather on the lens and make it difficult to watch through them and work.

But as there’s an anti-fog design, this helmet prevents gathering fog on the lens so that you can work quickly and peacefully.

Wide Viewing Area- The viewing area measures 3.94×3.27″ inches, making it an incredible tool to use while you weld your projects together and create something new!

On top of that, the helmet also has two side viewing areas that give you a complete view of your working place.

Auto Darkening Mode- Having an auto darkening mode in a welding helmet does not cost much anymore.

And the auto-darkening lens filter is switching from light to dark in 1/10,000 second. This mode helps you see your welding piece more clearly.


  • External controls
  • Best value for money
  • Easily adjusted and used
  • Adjustable shade levels and delay time
  • Suitable for Plasma Cutting, MIG, TIG, MMA
  • Optical clarity 1/1/1/2 with true color technology


  • A little heavier than other helmets

2. DEKOPRO Solar Powered Welding Helmet – Best Value

Quick Summary

  • 2 arc sensors
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds
  • Battery life: 5000 hours
  • Solar and battery-powered
  • 1/2/1/2 optical clarity class
  • Variable shade range: DIN 4/9-13
  • Switches to auto darkening mode in 1/25,000 second

The DekoPro welding helmet may not have the largest viewing area. However, it comes with a fast auto darkening mode along with a variable shade range. Besides, this helmet is suitable for TIG, MIG, and even Arc welding.

The product is designed to protect against dangerous UV and IR radiation, even if there’s an electric failure it still provides excellent protection.

The DIN4 light level filter on this product, will help you see better and more clearly. The increased visibility helps with color recognition too! The product’s sensitivity settings and manual shade level offers a lot of value to the user.

Fast Auto Darkening Reaction- Only having the auto darkening mode doesn’t make the welding helmet good enough unless it reacts exactly in time.

And the auto-darkening filter is switching from light to dark in 1/25000 seconds so, you don’t need to be worried about it.

Do you need welding gloves to protect your hands? Check out this link!

Lightweight- A heavy helmet can strain your energy faster than intended. It is also responsible for discomfort and neck pain. This welding helmet weighs only 1.5 pounds.

Which means it is light weight and unlikely to cause any trouble. And the perfect design of this tool provides a unique advantage to those who enjoy working in tight spaces.

Super Comfortable- The helmet is neither too big nor too small. It is perfectly made in a size and shape that will allow the users to be comfortable while wearing it. The round edge protects the head and neck from suffering from any harm during welding process.

Safe For Multiple Environment- Whether you are going to weld at home or your workplace, it is suitable for all working environments. Also, This auto darkening welding helmet is the ideal choice for most welders.

It provides full protection from sparks, slag, and other potentially dangerous things that can fly around during a job site.

The solar power of the helmet not only makes it a great buy but also ideal for outdoor and indoor welding.


  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Fast switching speed
  • Protects face and neck from harm
  • Adjustable delay and sensitivity controls
  • Can be used in many different welding processes


  • Durability needs improvement
  • Not suitable for pro welding jobs

3. TEKWARE – Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Quick Summary

  • 2 arc sensors
  • Two side views
  • True color lens
  • 180° panoramic view
  • Increased battery life
  • 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating
  • Reaction time 1/10000 Seconds

If you are already a user of the YesWelder anti-fog-up welding helmet, you are going to like our third pick.

This Tekware solar powered helmet is one of the newest yet one of the best budget welding helmets under 100, and it is suitable for any type of welding work.

So, let’s see what qualities and features it possesses to make in our best budget welding helmet list.

True Color View- The Tekware anti-fog welding helmet has a 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating which means you will get a true color view. It is beneficial for your eyes as they will strain a lot less.

Anti-Fog Feature- Your respiratory system needs something comfortable for work, especially when your work involves fumes. The anti-fog design allows you to work without making the lens go blur as you breathe.

Wide Viewing Area- This auto darkening welding helmet has a 10.26 square inches viewing area along with two side viewing areas.

You will get a 180° panoramic view. But, even though the front lens has an auto darkening feature, the side viewing areas don’t.


  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • True color technology
  • The great budget welding helmet
  • Suitable for Arc, TIG and MIG welding
  • Protective design shields your eye, face, and neck


  • Not suitable for pro welders

4. NEIKO Industrial Grade Welding Helmet

Quick Summary

  • Viewing size of 2×4.25″
  • Weighs 0.9 pound
  • Can be used for TIG/MIG
  • Industrial grade material
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 and CE EN175

Now here is a welding helmet that is loved by both beginners and professionals. Though it does not have the auto darkening feature, many welding experts believe that it is a suitable welding helmet for beginner welders.

It meets all your other expectations such as material, safety, budget, etc when it comes to buying a welding helmet for the first time.

Skin and eye Protection- Your eyes are vulnerable when exposed to the welding fume and spark. Not only the eyes but it is also harmful to your skin as skin burn is a common issue with welders. This helmet’s lens protects both your eyes and skin from any such harm.

Flip Lens- Flipping the entire welding hood or taking it off while examining your work can be troublesome for beginners. The flip lens also has a magnifying glass attached which helps you see your workpiece more clearly.

Two-Way Headband Adjustment- You can adjust the headband of this helmet according to your need. It has a two-way adjustable headband that allows you to make it both narrow and large.


  • Highly affordable
  • Provides safety against UV/IR ray
  • Comfortable and adjustable head straps
  • Great choice for beginner and professional welders


  • No auto darkening feature
  • Does not come with the instruction manual

5. Miller Electric – Best Budget  Welding Helmet under 100

Quick Summary

  • 2 arc sensors
  • Variable lens shade
  • External grind button
  • Sensitivity and delay controls
  • Auto darkening mode in 1/10,000 seconds
  • Runs on solar cells and replaceable batteries

Miller welding helmets have always been one of the most popular helmets in the welding industry. That’s why picking one of them is not surprising.

Along with the auto darkening mode, this budget helmet has arc sensors, external grind button, and a few more special qualities. And the digital controls are straightforward and easy to operate for any level of user.

If you’re looking for a helmet with good features in the same price range, don’t hesitate to purchase one that feels durable and comfortable.

Protection Against Harmful Rays- The UV/IR rays are harmful to your eyes. It creates issues such as eye fatigue, headache, discomfort, etc.

With the protective lens of this helmet, your eyes will not have to suffer from such issues. You can rely on this helmet to ensure enough and clear visibility.

User-Friendly- Handling an auto darkening helmet may sound tricky with all the instructions. But, believe me, it is easier than it sounds.

And the Miller Electric welding helmet is a beginners-friendly helmet. So you don’t have to worry about handling something tough.

Double Power- Just like many other auto darkening helmets, this helmet is also a two-in-one power system helmet.

It runs on both battery and solar power. The solar power feature shields your eyes from unexpected exposure while the battery power works as a backup.


  • Digital controls
  • True color lens technology
  • LCD screen with two light sensors
  • Easily allow welder to adjust shade range
  • Protects your eyes in high amperage welding projects
  • Ideal choice for any beginner and professional welder


  • Slightly heavier than other helmets

6. Antra AH7- Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet for $100

Quick Summary

  • Viewing Size 3.86 X 3.5″
  • True color technology
  • Shade range: 4/5-9/9-13
  • Comes with a hard hat adapter
  • Suitable for all types of welding
  • Delay time, shade 4, and grinding mode
  • Powered by solar cells and replaceable batteries

Next, I have the Antra AH7-860-001X welding helmet. It happens to be one of the best helmets on the list.

And I say crazy because it has a huge viewing area than antra ah6-260. It has an interference suppression technology, which helps to reduce interference from outside light sources and enhance your visibility.

Alongside the passive filter set of shade 13, this device has a double layer automatic dimming LCD shutter to provide an accurate shade range. I literally meant it but if you didn’t believe me, you can find out more in the description below.

Fast Auto Darkening Mode- The Antra AH7-860-001X model is made to react to the welding spark as fast as possible. The 4 arc sensors are highly responsive and provide accurate auto shading to reduce the risk of eye strain.

The redundant arc sensors allow for quick switching time with less radiant bypass. The sensor sensitivity is also reduced to prevent unnecessary triggering, which can lead to a darkening effect from other welders.

Very Large Viewing Area- While a regular welding helmet lets you see part of your surroundings with their average viewing area size, this Antra helmet helps you keep your eyes on more things and with more eye comfort.

Delay Control- This feature makes handling the helmet easier. With the delay control feature, you can control how much time it will take to turn the lens from dark to light.


  • Best value for money
  • Highly responsive to welding arc
  • Adjustable sensitivity and delay settings
  • Suitable for MMA, plasma, MIG, TIG, Stick welding
  • Antra AH7 is the best overall welding helmet for the money


  • Not a good choice for overhead welding

7. TACKLIFE PAH04D Professional Welding Helmet

Quick Summary

  • Grind mode
  • Viewing size 3.86″ x 1.69″
  • Four premium arc sensors
  • Wide shade range: 4-8/9-13
  • UV/IR Protection: DIN 16
  • Reaction time 1/25,000 second
  • 1/1/1/1 optical clarity class rating

Tacklife PAH04D comes with the highest optical clarity class, good reaction time, and a larger than average viewing area.

Not to mention it is one of the best budget welding helmets available in the market. The helmet is comfortable and convenient for those who are into low amperage welding.

The reaction time of this equipment stays consistent even when it’s not on high power levels, which will come in handy if you’re up to anything tricky with your project.

Worth the Price- Not every low-priced welding helmet ends up providing what you are looking for. But this Tacklife helmet comes with big true color filter features and materials that are worth every penny.

Viewing Area- The average or standard viewing size of most helmets ranges from 6 to 9 square inches. However, this helmet comes with an 11.30 square inches viewing area which is above standard.

Delay and sensitivity adjustments make this tool incredibly versatile. It can be used for different tasks.

Do you want your hands to feel like they’re on fire? We have the perfect gloves for welding!

Eye Protection- Flimsy helmet lenses are harmful to the eyes but as the Tacklife welding helmet has protective lenses, your eyes will be free from risk.

The viewing area is massive and there are no glare issues, which allows for a perfect optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1. It provides DIN 13 UV/IR protection with DIN 3 light state.

Lightweight- This is one of the very light weight budget helmets available in the market. The lightweight design of the product has been found to be beneficial in reducing discomfort and fatigue when used for long periods.

Additional Gadgets- This welding helmet package contains several replacement gadgets:

  • 1 replacement battery
  • 5 outside replacement lenses
  • 1 storage bag
  • 2 years product service


  • Cheap welding helmet
  • Big true color filter
  • Good for TIG welding
  • Available test button to test the automatic shade
  • You’ll never have to worry about eye strain when using it


  • Small viewing window
  • False triggers in bright light situations can be an annoyance

8. Fibre – Pipeliner Fiberglass Welding Helmet

Quick Summary

  • High impact-resistant helmet
  • 2″×4″ clear view lens
  • UV/IR protection
  • Adjustable headgear
  • Weighs 1.25 pounds
  • Designed for every pipe welder

If you don’t care about auto darkening mode but a helmet that will go with your professional level for a long time, then you should consider the Fibre Metal Pipeliner Fiberglass welding helmet. It is unique, budget-friendly, and can handle sudden, unexpected impacts of the workplace.

Fiberglass Material- The use of fiberglass makes this budget helmet strong enough to resist sudden impact. It is also moisture resistant.

As a result, the helmet will not slip off your head or for any other reason due to slippery issues.

Adjustable Headband- A welders helmet is not just for protection, it can also reduce the risk of heat and fogging with its exhaust vents. For your wearing comfort, you can strap the headband according to your will.

The helmet is made to maximize comfort by adding a band and floating arms. These components minimize pressure points on the head, ensuring your safety while you work out!

For Professionals- Professional welders always look for something strong and more durable. And maybe that’s why this fiberglass helmet is designed especially for them. The material is much more durable than ABS plastic. In fact, it’s up to times as strong!

If you are wondering if there are any downsides to this top pick, then the answer is yes. Besides having no auto darkening feature, this helmet’s lens can’t be flipped and it is comparatively more expensive than its competitors.


  • Durable material
  • High impact-resistant
  • Comfortable headgear
  • Low budget welding mask
  • For every professional welder
  • Does not require any battery power


  • No auto darkening filter
  • Optical Clarity: N/A

9. Jackson Safety – Best Passive Welding Helmet

Quick Summary

  • Fixed shade lens
  • Hard hat adaptable
  • Extended front
  • 360° large view
  • Narrow shell design for smaller space work

Jackson Safety helmets are a leading big brand in the welding helmet industry. Along with their versatile design and flexibility, these decent welding helmets offer what the users expect.

And here I have the W10 HSL 100 universal size welding hood from Jackson Safety. It is comfortable, has many features, and it’s one of the best budget welding helmets out there.

Low Price Range- This is one of the best budget welding helmets you will come across. That is one of the many reasons why users tend to go for it, other than its quality and features.

Large Viewing Area- A large viewing area is always a bright side for any welding helmet. In that case, you will get a 360° view with this Jackson Safety Universal Size helmet.

Looking around your workplace and concentrating on work without a view adjustment issue increases workplace productivity.

Narrow Shell Design- If your workshop area is tiny or does not have enough space to move around much, a big or wide helmet will be uncomfortable to use. On the other hand, a helmet like this one will come in handy to work in such places.

The design is narrow and made to fit through small spaces. Hence, you will be able to work comfortably because it will well fit around your head.


  • Best helmet for price
  • Shade level 9 to 13
  • Extra large viewing area
  • High-quality welding helmet
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Sensitivity and delay adjustments


  • Some users feel that it causes anxiety after a few months of use

10. iMeshbean Pro Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Quick Summary

  • Variable shades from 9 to 13
  • Adjustable delay and sensitivity controls
  • Auto darkening response time: 1/30,000 second
  • Can be used for Arc, Plasma, MIG, TIG welding job

It would be a crime to not mention at least one pretty cool best budget welding helmet in this list. That’s why I’ve picked the iMeshbean Pro Auto Darkening & Grinding Welding Helmet.

It has a unique monster teeth graphic design and this welding helmet best for money. The only downside is that it has a less durable quality than some other brands.

Graphic Design- One of the reasons to pick this welding helmet is its crazy graphic design. The monster teeth design makes it badass looking and brings a unique touch. So if you are a fan of having crazy artworks on your gadgets, this helmet is a must-have for you.

Protective Layers Of Lens- When you are looking through this helmet’s lens, you are looking through multiple protective layers of it.

The sparks from the welding and UV/IR rays go through PC protective pieces on both internal and external sides. The exposure filters through the lens before it meets your eyes.

Easy Adjustment- The helmet has two adjustment knobs and one head button. They make it much easier to adjust the helmet around your head and ensure comfort after long hours of work.


  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Delay time control
  • Standard viewing area
  • Variable shade control
  • Protects eyes from IR/UV radiation


  • Headgear is a bit flimsy
  • Material needs improvement

11. Instapark ADF – Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Quick Summary

  • Four arc sensors
  • Shade level 5 to 13
  • Has low battery indicator
  • Shade 4, Grinding mode available
  • Battery life: 3500 to 5000 hours
  • Adjustable sensitivity and delay settings
  • Runs on solar cell and lithium batteries

The final helmet of today’s best budget welding helmet is the Instapark ADF series GX990T Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet.

Besides being stylish, this helmet probably has the largest viewing screen with an auto-darkening filter that switches from light to dark in 1/30,000 seconds.

The most important things about this helmet is that its light state at shade 4, which means it’s darker than most other helmets. Something like this is quite unlikely to find at this range of budget.

One of the best features of this welding helmet is its ability to switch between grind and weld mode, as well as control sensitivity settings. The external controls are easy to access all without constantly lifting your head up from what you’re doing!

The best welding machines can be found here if you’re interested

Large Viewing Area- As I’ve been babbling from the start, this ADF helmet has a 15.21 square inches large viewing area that allows you to see clearly at different angles and it can remain fog free, even in cold weather!. Hey! Pick up your jaw. Because you just dropped it on the floor.

External Grinding And Shade Button- External grind button means better access and better access means better control.

Having the grinding option and shade button outside the helmet will allow you to set the shade range without any need to take off the helmet.

Less Fatigue- The padded headgear helps you keep your head steady when you weld. It prevents neck strain, headache, eye fatigue, facial muscle discomfort, etc. Furthermore, UV/IR protection offers maximum coverage from harm.


  • Long life battery
  • One year warranty
  • Weld and grind mode
  • Unparalleled optical lens clarity
  • Adjustable for versatile welding processes
  • Provides consistent performance and maximum comfort
  • Variable shade adjustment from 5 -13 with a resting shade of 4


  • No side windows
  • The helmet is a bit flimsy

12. ESAB Sentinel A50 Auto Dark Welding Helmet

The ESAB Sentinel A50 auto darkening welding helmet is the perfect choice for professionals who need a reliable and comfortable helmet. It comes with an auto-darkening lens, which provides visual clarity under any condition.

The eight separate memory settings allow for maximum personalization and customization to best suit your needs while the color touchscreen control panel will maintain ease in operating this product.

This helmet also includes grind mode and hard hat adapter as well as halo headgear so you have plenty of options when it comes to wearing them on top of other gear!

It’s designed to be used in different environments, including those where there are sparks flying around or where there’s dust present.

The ESAB Sentinel A50 auto dark welding helmet is also great for extended use and can be used by beginners and experts alike.

13. Lincoln Electric Viking Welding Helmet

Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with 4C Lens Technology, Black

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet is the number one pick for best overall helmet. It features 4C lens technology and a crystal clear view in either automatic or manual mode, as well as variable auto darkening to control intensity with just a touch of a button.

How do you know if your welding boots are good enough? Check out these top rated reviews.

This high-quality welding helmet is what you need at an affordable price range so stop guessing and invest in this reliable piece of equipment today!

A Buying Guide To Choose The Best Welding Helmet

Buying a cheap welding helmet doesn’t mean you are to buy the lowest of the quality. But when you go to buy one, you will end up with a few dilemmas and questions.

If you’re in the market for a welding helmet, then be sure to check out our buyer’s guide. We’ll show you all the features and tell which helmet is right for your needs!

What Factors To Consider When Buying Cheap Welding Helmets

Here are some important factors to consider when you are buying a low budget welding helmet:

  • Customer Reviews

The first thing you need to go through is to see what other users are saying. Check their reviews to get the primary idea.

  • Budget

Fix a budget that is suitable for you. Then you can start looking for a helmet according to your budget.

  • Safety

The helmet’s job is to protect welders eyes, head, neck, and skin from both UV radiation and sparks. The material should be good enough to protect you from injury & make sure it doesn’t cause you any pain. And the helmet should meet safety standards ANSI Z87.1

  • Viewing Area

Do not go for viewing areas that are too small. The standard size is 6-9 square inches and you much consider that. Other than these, the helmet’s weight, shade or grind modes, design, power source, etc. should be considered before you purchase.

Are Cheap Auto darkening Welding Helmets Safe

Yes, any helmet is safe as long as it is properly taken care of. Even if the auto darkening welding helmet is cheap, make sure to maintain it properly.

If you find the helmet uncomfortable or can’t see through the lens properly, you need to stop using it right away.

Keep the battery power in check as the helmet’s auto darkening mode will get deactivated once the batteries die. You should always wear a helmet with the right shade value so that you can see better and feel safe.

How To Maintain Your Welding Helmet

To make sure your welding helmet is maintained properly, this is what you can do:

  • Keep the helmet in a safe place so that it won’t fall and get damaged.
  • If not used regularly, make sure the keeping area is dust-free.
  • Clean the area regularly or keep the helmet in a bag.
  • Clean the helmet after every use.
  • Inspect the battery power regularly.

Here’s more information about: Welding Helmet Care and Maintenance

Should I Wear Safety Glasses Under My Welding Helmet

Even though it is not mandatory, wearing safety glasses under the welding hood is a good thing to consider. It adds an extra layer of protective glass between your eyes and the welding object.

Besides, it helps to shield your eyes from harmful particles, UV light, arc flashes and flying debris. The safety glasses allow people to work with the sun and workshop lights without any false triggering.

With a quick response time, these goggles are perfect for welding arcs as well. It is worth noting that most people are opting for auto-darkening lenses over traditional glasses.

Choosing Between A Passive Or An Auto-Darkening Lens Helmet

Choosing between these two types of helmet lenses is quite difficult. Because both of these types have their advantages and disadvantages. Passive welding helmet lenses are relatively cheaper and easier to replace than auto darkening helmets.

Also, some auto darkening helmet lenses cost much less than passive ones. On top of that, you don’t need any source of power to make a passive helmet’s lens work. But an auto darken lens won’t work without battery or solar power.

Which Welding Clothes Do You Need For Welding Safety

Fire and burning incidents are common in the welding profession. It mostly happens due to a lack of protection against such workplace hazards. That’s why safety clothes are important to wear while welding and they are:

Welding Jacket

They cover you from neck to waist and are made from mostly flame-resistant synthetic and leather.

Welding Sleeve And Gloves

Protects your hands from the wrist and up to the elbow.

Welding Cap

The welding caps may look funny to you but they are a suitable replacement for welding hood or helmet.

Welding Apron

Welding aprons protect you from chest to knee. They come in different sizes that stay a bit loose rather than well-fitted.

Welding Coverall

A coverall provides the best protection during welding process. It covers you completely from the lower neck to your ankles.

To know more: Welding Safety Gear & Protective Equipment

What Are Cheater Or Magnifying Lenses

A cheater lens or magnifying lens is also a lens that magnifies your view. It is the same as the magnifying glasses.

The reason these lenses are called “cheater lenses” is because once you install them in your helmet, you will get a clearer and closer view of your workpiece.

These lenses are very easy to install and you can purchase the right size to fit your helmet. You need to install it on the inner side of your welding helmet.

Switching Speed

Switching speed or lens reaction time refers to how fast the lens of your auto darkening helmet turns light to dark mode. The main attraction of an auto darkening helmet is the lens.

As soon as you start welding, the lens will turn dark and allow you to focus only on the part you are welding. But how fast does it react? That varies from helmets to helmets but you can find out from the instructions as well.

Usually, an auto darkening helmet’s lens darkening speed begins from 1/3,600 second and it can go up to 1/20,000-30,000 second.

Auto darkening welding helmets also allow you to adjust the shade level of the lens. So you can find what shade level and switching speed are more comfortable for you by testing them beforehand.

Power Source: Battery or Solar Powered

All the welding helmets (auto darkening) come with two power sources:

  • Solar power
  • Battery power

Solar power welding helmets last longer than battery-powered helmets as they do not require a battery power source that might die at some points.

However, the problem with solar-powered welding helmets is that sometimes the lens goes dark even under bright sunlight.

Battery-powered helmets work fine as long as the battery works. You will get an indicator to know when the battery is low.

The problem with batteries is that they only last for a few years, which means you have to buy new ones more often. My opinion is that a combination of both of these powers is better than choosing individual power.

To know more: Solar vs Battery powered helmet

Size, Weight, and Comfort

These are some facts that you need to keep in mind when choosing a welding helmet.


The helmet shouldn’t be too big or too small. It has to be enough to cover your face and neck.


When you wear the lightweight headgear, it not only protects your eyes and neck from fatigue but also shields against arc flash dangers.

Welding helmets’ weight varies from 0.07 pounds to 2 pounds. A heavy helmet can be uncomfortable. So wear the helmet before buying to see if the weight works out for you.


The comfort of a welding helmet is one of the most important features that you should be looking for. The helmet has to be comfortable enough so that it does not make you sore in the neck.

The straps should be easily adjustable so that you can move your head with ease.

Picking The Best Cheap Welding Helmet

Drum roll, please! Because now I’m about to announce the winner of the best budget welding helmet reviews. But before I do that, you should know that you cannot expect to have everything at a cheap price. Here is a list of the 12 best welding helmets on the market today.

However, each of these welding hoods is good in its own way. So, finally, after all the observations and comparisons, I pick the YesWelder Anti-Fog Up welding helmet.

It is a little heavier compared to other welding helmets. But the amazing features such as anti-fog up, wide viewing area, versatility, and auto darkening lens make it worth buying.

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