What Is Undercut Welding? Introduction To Welding Terms

Undercuts in welding are common issues every newbie encounters. It may happen because of the lack of welding knowledge. Even sometimes experienced welders can also form undercuts, let alone those newbies who just get their feet wet in welding. Welding at the wrong position, excessive current & voltage, and welding with incorrect gas are the … Read more

Top 10 Best Welding Machines for Welders

Whether you are a DIYer or professional, you know how much effort, skills, and practice it requires to weld things properly. To complete a welding project flawlessly, you need two elements- a good welding machine and welding skills. If you have skills but do not have a good welder, you can’t form perfect a painstaking … Read more

10 Best Boots for Welders for Safety & Comfort

Welding means playing with high temperatures, molten metal, and flying sparks. To be a master player in the field of welding, you should wear safety equipment to shield against those slags. Otherwise, those enemies (hot sparks and remnants) will welcome you by burning your skin. Like other safety gear (welding helmet, jacket, and gloves), welding working … Read more

Best Welding Gloves for MIG – Top 10 Picks

We were surprised when we saw that the welding gloves these days, even though are expensive, tend to lack lots of features it should have for MIG welding. Like seriously, wears, tears, bad grip experience, and whatnot, we were disappointed to see big brands are making low-end welding gloves. That’s when we decided to bring … Read more