10 Best Boots for welders for safety and comfort 

Welding means playing with high temperatures, molten metal, and flying sparks. To be a master player in the field of welding, you should wear safety equipment to shield against those slags. Otherwise, those enemies (hot sparks and remnants) will welcome you by burning your skin.  Like other welding safety gear (helmet, jacket, and gloves), welding … Read more

How To Set MIG Welder For Welding: MIG Welder Settings Chart

DIY projects have become so popular these days. But some of the DIY projects require welding. But if you haven’t done any welding tasks before, you’re most likely not to know how to set up a welder machine before using it. It’s necessary to set your new MIG welder into the right parameters before working. … Read more

What Are The Reasons Why Welding Is A Great Career Choice?

Welding is a challenging and rewarding occupation at the same time. Whether you are unemployed, stuck in a dead-end job, or thinking about making a fresh start in your career, you should think about pursuing a career in welding. You may ask: why should I consider a career in welding? Well, as a welder, you … Read more

Why Welding Is Dangerous And How To Avoid It: The Safety Guideline

Why welding is dangerous, and how to avoid it? It’s a general yet obvious question for every newbie who wants to enter the welding sector. Welding is dangerous work that involves joining metal parts together by heating the surfaces. Electric shock, skin burn, fire hazards, and health issues are some examples of the danger every welder … Read more